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  1. Nutrition Basics
    This section starts at the very beginning with a brief review of the dietary building blocks that your dog needs. Carbs, proteins, fats oh my...
  2. Understanding Pet Food Labels
    Ever wonder what all those charts and technical jargon on the side of your dog's bag of food actually mean? Let's help you understand which parts actually matter.
  3. Common Dog Food Myths
    Corn is the devil and grain kills dogs...right? Let just say you shouldn't trust everything you read on the internet. Wait..well that's ironic.

Weight Management

Fluffy looking a little rotund lately? This section details how to tell if your pet is overwieght and will help you develop a specific weight management plan to keep your pet healthy and happy.

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Dog Food Recommendations At A Glance

Short on time? Check out the list below for a quick reference on the foods that you should look into and those to avoid.

  1. Grocery
    Recommended: Purina Puppy/Dog Chow Iams Stay Away From: Beneful MoistN'Meaty
  2. Premium
    Recommended: ProPlan Royal Canin Nutro Stay Away From: Blue Buffalo
  3. Organic/Natural
    Recommended: California Natural Wellness Complete Health Stay Away From: Taste of the Wild EVO
****The recommendations above are based on the opinions and experience of the author of this site. This is in no way intended to be an exhaustive list of all dog food options good or bad. The author is current working on an addendum page to this site with a detailed explanation of each choice above and why it falls into each category. 
About The Author
 This site was founded by nationally accredited veterinarian Dr. Scott Goetgeluck, DVM. 
Dr. Goetgeluck (literally pronounced Goodluck), affectionately referred to as Dr. Scott by most of his clients, has a Bachelors degree in Science from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. He graduated from the University Of Georgia College Of Veterinary Medicine and currently practices small animal medicine and surgery in Winder, Georgia.
Upon graduating and entering directly into small animal practice, Dr. Scott quickly realized that many clients have important questions regarding their pet’s diet but may be hesitant to bring it up with their local veterinarian. In addition, there is a constant stream of misinformation about pet foods being spread to the general public through advertizing and media. Dr. Scott has recognized this trend and dedicated countless hours to developing this site in order to put the correct, evidence-based information out to the public. He designed this site to answer the most common questions about pet food, guide owners to the correct choice of food, and create a starting point for a discussion between clients and veterinarians regarding pet nutrition. You deserve to know the truth and your pet deserves the best food choices.